SUSTAINATOPIA 2011 is overtaking Miami, Florida starting this Thursday March 31st through next week – April 6th! Some are calling it the Art Basel of Sustainability! In my travels, I have yet to have had the opportunity to share the same space with so many other social entrepreneurs. Miami has granted me that opportunity now!

With events like…

the OPENING CEREMONY including films like The Third Wave” Executive Produced by Sean Penn & brought to by Alison Thompson & Oscar Gubernati – Thursday, March 31st

REVOLUTION! The Party for Young Social Entrepreneurs highlighting a large group of amazing organizations like Giving the Green Light, The Honey Project & Un Techo Para Mi Pais to name only  a few…Saturday, April 2nd

SUSTAINATOPIA HONORS with celebrity guests like Maria Bello, Donna Karan, & Selita EbanksSunday, April 3rd

Plus tons more all over Miami leading up to a 3-day Social Venture Capital Conference!

Latingipsy will be there for all of it! Report back with me and share in this amazing opportunity for Miami to establish itself a SUSTAINATOPIA!!!

Check out the site and join the movement!!!!

Follow me on Twitter #latingipsysustainatopia !!!

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Florida supports Young Women Social Entrepreneurs!

Have you ever thought…

How can I take what I do now and create more than just profit, but an impact in the world around me?

Then you are a Social Entrepreneur.

Or how can I take this problem and create a solution that will last throughout this generation and the next generation and the one after that?

You are a Social Entrepreneur.

If you are a Young Woman living in the South Florida area, then your time is NOW.

Check out the attached flyer & join the movement!

Infinite Love & Gratitude – LG

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SFP creating a Peacemakers

Like many young people, Michael Bustamante from East Hampton, New York, wanted to have a “normal” life: go to college, graduate and find a good job to pay the bills.  But in some part of his mind and heart, he knew that he could do something for other people, to work to create peace through service.

Through Aceneth, a social entrepreneurship multi-media company that aims to create impact through diverse social initiatives, Michael learned about the Global PeaceMakers program in Brazil, scheduled for December 2009. Though Michael didn’t know what to expect on the Global Peacemakers program, he was enthusiastic about helping people through a rural educational project in Alagado da Suzana, Brazil.

“I basically thought I was going to be placed in a village where much help was needed. I honestly thought the living conditions were going to be tough. I thought we were basically going to rebuild an entire building,” explained Michael.

In Brazil, Michael learned how to work as a team, renewing the infrastructure and providing equipment to a rural Internet and community center. International volunteers worked with local Brazilian volunteers, local community members, and dozens of local businesses, government agencies, NGOs, and individuals with a passion to serve.

Michael learned about the real necessities of people living in disadvantaged rural areas and about the challenges they face like inaccessibility to job training, basic education, health services, and more. Michael started to value the comfortable life that the most American citizens have in comparison to this small community in Brazil.

“It made me realize that I am extremely wealthy compared to others around the earth. I can eat anything I want whenever I want, I can further my education if I please,” Michael said.

After Michael and the rest of the volunteers finished rebuilding the Internet and community center and equipped it with new computers, books, and other equipment, he returned home with an itch to change something in his life, but wasn’t quite sure how.

Several months following the Global PeaceMakers program, Michael decided to start a new professional plan and serve to others as a part of his lifestyle, and applied to be a Peace Corps volunteer. In October 2010, he was accepted to the Peace Corps, being one of the thousands of Americans effecting social service around the world. “SFP was a big reason why I decided to join the Peace Corps. SFP opened up my eyes,” Michael Expressed.

In the Peace Corps, Michael would like to work in the same community that he worked as a volunteer with Service For Peace in Brazil, because he experienced a strong bond with the people of the village. The sense of local empowerment that the community members seemed to develop gave him hope that it could transform into a Community of Peace. “Two weeks convinced me more needed to be done. So I joined the Peace Corps,” Michael said.

According to Charles Phillips, the president of Service For Peace, Michael is a model citizen who, as a result of his experience volunteering with Service For Peace, could transform his life and carry on the spirit of service and peace for in his own community and around the world.

Michael Bustamente, 23, is a Colombian-American law student from St. Johns University in New York City. Michael will start his year as a volunteer in Peace Corps in February 2011, and will spend 2 years serving in his future placement in Latin America & the Caribbean.

To learn more about Service For Peace in Brazil, visit

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Florida also supports Sustainability!!

Florida is on a roll with  SUSTAINATOPIA 2011! What is it? From the pioneers themselves…

SUSTAINATOPIA 2011 is a unique, seven-day fusion event focusing passionately on sustainability and impact investing as cooperative solutions. The objective is to change the world – forever. We believe this is entirely realistic.”

For some people, like myself, it’s the stuff green-dreams are made of! I look forward to an indulgent week, surrounded by the most passionate, brilliant and conscious individuals on the planet. I plan to listen, ask questions and learn incessantly about how to empower social entrepreneurship, living with compassion for others and our earth, and the movement to change things as they are now into a more friendly and sustainable existence.

If any of the below topics seem to tickle your green-fancy, visit OR to join me on this next stop in wanderlust….








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“A Service for Peace”

For a minute… take yourself to Alagado da Suzana, Brazil.

Travel back in time to December of 2009.

Experience for a brief moment… the Service for Peace Brazil Project.


Become a Changemaker.

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F.L.I.P it up!

Check out Aceneth TV on You Tube for 2 minutes of what the FIU Leaders In Practice are all about. Meet the F.L.I.P members, the students and the mentors. Meet the idea of educating our youth. Introduce yourself to becoming an inspiration to those who follow in your footsteps. Empower others into achieving their goals in life. Empower yourself into achieving yours.

To donate, educate and motivate yourself for what YOU can do for others, in order to fulfill yourself.

If you are an FIU Alumni & want to Become a F.L.I.P Member….Email

The F.L.I.P Program is currently looking for new & current members to embark on a new adventure through the program. Going international…right up my alley 😉

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That’s right you read it! Apricot seeds, according to written records, have been used since 502 A.D. to cure cancer and to help lessen tumors.

History: A substance called Amygdalin was first extracted from almond seeds in 1830 by two French chemists. The same substance was also found in apricot seeds. In the late 1890s, German scientists tested the substances to find a cure for cancer. Laetrile is a form of Amygdalin that was first promoted as a cure for cancer by scientist Ernst Krebs in 1903. He claimed that enzymes released when the substance was broken down by the body killed cancer cells. Though there was little factual basis to back up his theory, he continued to promote Laetrile and eventually passed on his findings to his son, Ernst Krebs, Jr. Thanks to the tireless promotion of Krebs Jr. and some reported success with Laetrile in Canada, it attracted wide attention in the 1960s and 1970s. Because Laetrile never gained approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, doctors set up practices in border cities such as Tijuana, Mexico, and Montreal, Canada, where they administered Laetrile to cancer patients looking for a cure. The actor Steve McQueen, in a late stage of cancer, ventured to Mexico in 1980 to receive Laetrile to treat his cancer.

On September 1, 1971, the FDA announced that the AD Hoc Committee of Consultants for Review and Evaluation of Laetrile had found “no acceptable evidence of therapeutic effect to justify clinical trials.” THEY DIDN’T EVEN TRY! And then it announced that, because of their findings, Laetrile or B-17 could no longer be promoted, sold, or even tested in the USA. Why would the FDA ban the promoting, selling, or EVEN testing of something, if there is no evidence? Or is it they don’t want the world population to discover the benefits and by having tests done, this would then prove once and for all there really is almost a fool proof prevention and treatment protocol for all forms of cancer! The trouble with this answer is that obtaining FDA approval takes many years and can cost tens of millions of dollars for clinical trials. The simple fact is that there is NO money to spend to do these trials on treatments that are often un-patentable and therefore unprofitable for pharmaceutical companies. As far as publishing is concerned, it is against the policy of all mainstream medical journals to publish any research coming from other than allopathic (mainstream) sources.

What it means is: If any hospital uses laetrile, the law says, that they jeopardize any grants from the government. As well, as any money from Medicaid and other hospital insurance originating from the government. Since not all of hospital revenues come from patient insurance, not one hospital in the U.S. will take the chance and use any banned substance including, Amygdalin (also called vitamin B17, Laetrile, or apricot seeds.) Any Doctor that wants to use the substance from apricot seeds must have their patient fill out a form and then the doctor must submit the form to the FDA. Again, doctors don’t want to get involved in this and would rather keep their names off of the FDA watch lists.

Additionally, the doctor’s malpractice insurance will not be valid if they prescribe laetrile (B17, amygdalin, or apricot seeds) to a patient. The American Medical Association (AMA) treats any Doctor that prescribes laetrile to be a renegade (traitorous) and that he has violated the AMA’s membership policies and will be subject to membership termination. Therefore any Doctor that prescribes laetrile may destroy his career as a Doctor. They are NOT going to do that for ANY patient EVER!

Any individual that sells laetrile must not claim that it does anything in his place of business. Many health food stores in the past were raided and had to give up their supplies of B17. Because the B17 was near books that claimed that the B17 was the answer to cancer. In other words the books were near the B17 in the stores and was therefore considered “labeling” which is a term used by the FDA. Labeling according to the FDA is against the law and can be prosecuted. However on the Internet, it is different. Internet law is tricky and not the same as U.S. commercial law. In one case, Ken Kholas took the FDA to court and won his B17 back. That court case proved it wasn’t wrong for him to have or to sell it. Bottom line TO YOU is that you can purchase, use, and have B17 or Apricot Seeds.

Why is B17 / Laetrile banned in the United States by the FDA?
Pharmaceutical companies CAN’T PATENT IT, and if they can’t patent something, then they can’t make tens of billions of dollars a year from it. If they can’t make money off of something, then they certainly don’t want to at the least LOSE tens of billions a YEAR. Because 99.9 % of people, if they knew about these Mother Nature produced products would no longer take the expensive drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, and have the cancer related surgeries! “It is estimated that if people had a CHOICE, lack of demand would shrink Doctors and Drugs to less than 10% of its current size, with the remainder almost entirely related to trauma related medicine. That would be a $900,000,000,000.00 (Nine Hundred BILLION Dollars!) loss to them. They are NOT going to take this loss without a good fight,” stated by Dr. Richard Shulze, N.D.

Why aren’t more doctors in the USA using B17 as part of there cancer treatment process?
Doctors are taught and mislead from the beginning that Laetrile (B17) is not effective. On their own they are not allowed to use it, and can only refer to their book which holds the two false studies on Laetrile. If a doctor does use vitamin B17, he risks losing his medical license and even in some rare cases imprisonment.

In 1980 a study was done by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to show the effects of Laetrile on cancer. The NCI claimed that none of the 171 patients were cured by using Laetrile. Odd that those studies done before by many researchers from different countries claim the opposite. Many believe that even if NCI did actual studies and discovered that Laetrile / B-17 cured cancer cells, they would never publicly broadcast it.

The National Cancer Institute receives a budget for Fiscal Year 2009 was $4.97 billion, excluding the additional $1.26 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds received by the Institute for spending in Fiscal Year 2009 and Fiscal Year 2010. Overall, the NCI budget has been relatively flat in recent years. During the period from 2004 through 2009, NCI’s budget averaged $4.81 billion per year. In Fiscal Year 2008, it was $4.83 billion; in Fiscal Year 2007, it was $4.79 billion.

This budget is just for the National Cancer Institute. We still haven’t looked into how much the American Cancer Society receives, not to mention countless clinics and private organizations that depend on donations in the name of cancer research. Obviously Cancer Research is a multi-billion dollars business employing thousands of Americans from researchers to Oncologists.

If we as a country were to announce that cancer can be prevented by taking daily doses of Laetrile / B-17 the outcome would be horrific for Cancer Centers, but wonderful in saving human lives. Thousands of people would be jobless and the unemployment rate would rise. This is not what any U.S. President or Economists wants on his or her resume.

We, as individual thinkers must take responsibility for ourselves. Do your own research, and share your findings.

Felo, Miami, FL

Information above was researched & used from these listings below:
Doug Desjardins, eHow Contributing Writer
Dr. Richard Shulze, N.D.

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“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something”

I place a large part of my faith in people like the Planeta Feliz organization; dedicated to the act of caring for others because of their faith in them.

In order to support a group of children in Argentina en Sumapaz, Colombia who walk at least an hour to school everyday; Planeta Feliz aims to provide the students with 50 bicycles, cutting their travel time in half.

The below link is to a video produced by Planeta Feliz that shares their story and how you can help to make this happen.

Please visit their website and support their projects by either…

making a donation on their site or through Facebook


purchasing a Happy Good Item (mmmmmm!)

Planeta Feliz couldn’t have said it better “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something”.

As they do their part, let’s be sure to do ours. Keep the faith and good things will happen.

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