F.L.I.P it up!

Check out Aceneth TV on You Tube for 2 minutes of what the FIU Leaders In Practice are all about. Meet the F.L.I.P members, the students and the mentors. Meet the idea of educating our youth. Introduce yourself to becoming an inspiration to those who follow in your footsteps. Empower others into achieving their goals in life. Empower yourself into achieving yours.

To donate, educate and motivate yourself for what YOU can do for others, in order to fulfill yourself.
Visit https://cbasys.fiu.edu/bofa/donations/donation1.cfm?GE=FLIP

If you are an FIU Alumni & want to Become a F.L.I.P Member….Email joubertm@fiu.edu.

The F.L.I.P Program is currently looking for new & current members to embark on a new adventure through the program. Going international…right up my alley 😉

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