Latin Gipsy is a blog spot for anyone interested in bringing to light social, economic and environmental issues. It is an opportunity to join Latingipsy on her journey towards establishing social awareness within society and a platform for those who care to share, question or learn.

Latingipsy is a warrior for all causes and sharing for the purpose of informing, networking and creating a place for changemakers and social entrepreneurs everywhere to connect. In search of humanitarian and environmental warriors everywhere, her blogs highlight the people, organizations, events, and actions she encounters along her journey. Her mission is to empower others into creating change within their own lives, their communities and for the overall planet.

There was a time when gypsies were described as lost in Wanderlust, an inclination to travel. It is Latingipsy’s belief that changemakers exhibit that same inclination to journey, by always seeking and following the path of social innovation.

Latingipsy’s Wanderlust for Empowerment is sharing her journey in hopes to empower you into beginning yours.

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