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  1. Mike Rizo says:

    Hi girls, I will get with you soon, a little recap. I have been busy making babies, lol.
    seriously now: I have been extremely busy with preparing myself for the Board in AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine. I sat for the board in December and recently received the news that I passed (yay!!), so I am now ABAAHP certified, aka as American Board of Antiaging Health Practicioner. I have taken it a step further and got together with a physician also board certified and his wife a nutritionist and we are in the process of starting a health center “Rejuvenesse, the institute for integrative and antiaging medicine”. We are at the beginning of this process, starting a website, etc. Marketing (which I prefer to call education) is key. You guys immediately came to mind, since we want to make some educational videos etc. We can also help you write in this website health and wellness related articles.
    Thanks, I m hoping we can work together in the near future, maybe set up a little meeting with the physician and wife soon.

    Dr. Mike Rizo

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